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Privacy Policy | Lychee Redmine

Privacy Policy

Management, Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

1. Management of Personal Information

Our Company will establish a system for the appropriate protection and management of personal information, as well as internal regulations that govern the appropriate acquisition, use, and provision of personal information, with which we will comply.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

When our Company acquires personal information on our own or through other business entities, we will comply with existing laws and regulations and acquire the information in an appropriate manner.

3. Use of Personal Information

Unless otherwise specified at the time of acquisition, our Company’s use of personal information shall be limited to facilitating the smooth provision of our Company’s services to users, including maintenance work and user support. Our Company will not use personal information for the purposes of advertising our Company or any third parties.

However, personal information included in the contract information provided at the time of entering into the agreement for utilizing our Company’s services, as well as personal information related to our Company’s services that is provided to the personnel in charge of users following the conclusion of the agreement, may be used to deliver information related to seminars and various other products and services of our Company or of other companies that our Company deems to be beneficial. If you wish to stop receiving information related to products and services, please submit a request to our helpdesk at [support@agileware.jp].

In addition, personal information that has been processed in a manner that prevents the identification of specific individuals may be analyzed in combination with other information or aggregated to create trend data or marketing data that is used to improve the products and services of our Company or of other companies.

4. Provision of Personal Information

Our Company will provide personal information to third parties in the following cases.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with all existing laws and regulations, guidelines stipulated by the government, and other standards governing the handling of personal information.

Management of Personal Information and Security Measures

We will ensure the security and accuracy of personal information by adopting the appropriate preventive measures against risks such as unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, damage, tampering, and leakage of personal information. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we will strive to minimize the damage caused and take the necessary corrective action promptly.

Continual Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System

In order to maintain the appropriate protection of personal information, we will establish a personal information protection management system, conduct periodic audits of its operational status, and strive to improve it continually.

Handling of Access Logs

About Access Logs

The information of users who have accessed the services and websites operated by our Company is recorded in the form of access logs. Access logs contain information such as the IP address, host name, name of browser used, as well as the access date/time of users who have accessed the service/website, but do not contain any information that can be used to identify specific users. Access logs will not be used for any other purposes besides the maintenance of services and websites and the statistical analysis of access trends.

About Access Analysis

The services and websites operated by our Company may utilize Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify specific individuals. You may decline to have your traffic data collected by disabling cookies. Please refer to the following pages for more information about Google Analytics.

General Enquiries Regarding this Policy

We have set up a helpdesk to appropriately respond to all enquiries, complaints, and consultation requests regarding this Policy. You may reach the helpdesk at [support@agileware.jp].

Changes to this Policy

Our Company reserves the right to modify this Policy as necessary. In the event that we intend to make changes that require your consent under the law, our Company will obtain your prior consent via our designated method.

Enacted on: March 1st, 2014
Last revised on: September 18th, 2020
Agileware, Inc.
Mitsuyoshi Kawabata, Representative Director & CEO

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