Gantt chart

Get a complete picture of your schedule
Intuitive interface for easy management

You can visually grasp the status of your schedule with color-coded bar graphs, allowing you to quickly identify problems such as delays. The intuitive user interface makes daily management a breeze.

Gantt chart

Gantt Bar
Easy drag and drop
Create Gantt Bar

You can easily create a Gantt bar by simply dragging and dropping the Gantt area of a ticket that does not have a date set.

Gantt chart:Gantt Bar

Additional ticket series
Multiple tickets Quickly add multiple tickets

In the “Add Ticket Mode”, you can add tickets in succession with a spreadsheet-like feel.

Gantt chart:Additional ticket series

Change Date
While viewing the schedule
Change the date with intuitive operation

You can easily change the duration and start date by simply dragging the cursor to match the shape.

Gantt chart:Change Date

Setting of precedence and following
Seeing the relationship between tasks
Team collaboration becomes smoother

You can easily link the preceding and following tasks. You can see the relationship between tasks, which makes it easier to coordinate tasks within a team.

Gantt chart:Setting of precedence and following

Keeping the important points of the process in mind Quick and flexible scheduling

You can track the status of your projects by viewing various indicators, and quickly create and modify Gantt bars by dragging and dropping. The intuitive interface allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to sudden schedule changes.

Gantt chart:milestone
Gantt chart:baseline
Gantt chart:critical path
Gantt chart:tree structure

Linkage with other functions for even greater convenience

Working with Kanban

Information on the progress of the tasks registered by each member in the “Kanban” will be integrated into the Gantt chart.
The leader can grasp the task status of the members in real time just by looking at the Gantt chart.

Learn more about Kanban.→
Working with Kanban

Working with Resource Management

Linking with resource management makes it possible to build a schedule with man-hours in mind.
The visualization of man-hours is a feature available when you subscribe to “Lychee Man-hour Resource Management”.

Learn more about resource management.→
Working with Resource Management

Easily adjust the load while watching the man-hours.

Since the Gantt bar and man-hours can be seen in conjunction with each other, you can simply slide the Gantt bar to create an appropriate schedule without any load.

Working with Resource Management

Automatic scheduling based on load conditions

For the auto-scheduling function, just specify the start date. It automatically schedules based on the load status and the man-hours at the time of project planning.

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