Lychee Resource Management

Time Management: Google Calendar add-on Function and Operation Method

❏ What is Lychee Time Management Google Calendar add-on?

Google Calendar add-on allows you to select work plans in Time Management and connect them to Google Calendar.
To use Google Calendar add-on, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain an API key from Google Cloud Platform
  2. Perform Redmine settings
  3. Perform settings for each user

*Please be aware that any changes made on Google Calendar will not be reflected in Lychee Time Management.
*You must have the Lychee Time Management plugin installed.

❏ Obtaining an API Key from Google Cloud Platform

In order to link with Google Calendar, you must first obtain an API key from Google Cloud Platform. An API key is like a password which allows Time Management to access Google Calendar. Once a representative has obtained an API key, other users can use that API key to link their work plans with Google Calendar.
Each user does not need to obtain their own API key.

  1. Login to your Google account.
  2. Access the “APIs & Services” dashboard.
  3. Click “Select a project▼” to create a project.image alt text
  4. Click “NEW PROJECT”.image alt text
  5. Enter a project name and click the “CREATE” button.
    After a moment, the information for the new project will be displayed.image alt text
  6. Click “ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES”.image alt text
  7. In the “Search for APIs & Services” field, run a search for “Google Calendar API”.image alt text
  8. Click on “Google Calendar API” in the search results.image alt text
  9. Click “ENABLE”.image alt text
  10. Ensure that the project you created is selected, then click “Credentials”.image alt text
  11. Click “CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN”.image alt text
  12. Set up the OAuth consent screen by entering the following information, then click “Save”.FieldInputUser TypeIf only members of G Suite will be using Google Calendar Link, select “Internal” — Otherwise, select “External”Application NameInput any name you like, such as Lychee Time ManagementScopes for Google APIsClick “Add scope”, check the box for the row with ../auth/calendar, then click “Add”image alt textimage alt text 
  13. Click “CREATE CREDENTIALS” and select “Help me choose”.image alt text
  14. Find out what kind of credentials you need.
     Enter the following information and click “What credentials do I need?”FieldValueWhich API are you using?Google Calendar APIWhere will you be calling the API from?Web server (e.g. node.js, Tomcat)What data will you be accessing?User dataimage alt text
  15. Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID.
    Enter the following information and click the “Create OAuth client ID”.FieldValueNameAny nameAuthorized JavaScript originsEmpty (default)Authorized redirect URIsInput the following:
    {Redmine’s URL}/ltm_google_calendar_syncs/callbackExample:
    If Redmine’s URL is “” alt text
  16. Download credentials. Once the “Client ID” is displayed, click “Done”.image alt text
  17. Display the client ID editing screen by clicking the image alt text icon.image alt text
  18. Save the Client ID and Client Secret.
    You will need the Client ID and Client Secret on the Redmine Google Calendar Link screen, so copy them or write them down somewhere.image alt text

❏ Redmine Settings

The information obtained in the “Obtain an API Key from Google Cloud Platform” section is required for the Redmine settings.

  1. Log in to Redmine using an account with system administrator permissions.
  2. Open the “Lychee Time Management Google Calendar add-on” configure screen.Go to Administration > Settings > Plugins > Lychee Time Management Google Calendar add-on and click on “Configure”.
  3. Setup Lychee Time Management Google Calendar add-on.Input the information below and click the “Apply” button.FieldValueActivateONClient IDClient ID from “Obtain an API Key from Google Cloud Platform” sectionClient secretClient Secret from “Obtain an API Key from Google Cloud Platform” sectionimage alt text

You must set up each user’s Redmine account to link Lychee Time Management with their individual Google Calendar account.

❏ User Settings

You must link each user’s Redmine account with their Google Account.

  1. Open the “My account” screen.
  2. Click “Connect” next to “Google account connected to Lychee Time Management”.
    Google’s “Account Selection” screen will be displayed.image alt text
  3. Select the account you want to connect.
  4. Give permission to access the Google account by clicking the “Allow” button.
  5. Select the calendar to synchronize with.
    You will be returned to the “My account” screen. Select a calendar under “Google calendar connected with Lychee Time Management” and save.